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SOO BAHK DO - Moo Duk Kwan



 Bienvenue sur le blog Shiwol do-jang !

Shiwol do-jang est un espace mental construit en France à partir de la pratique de l'art martial Soo Bahk Do -Moo Duk Kwan. 
Le Soo Bahk Do est un art martial coréen, façonné par la culture et la tradition coréennes. Si certaines de ses techniques remontent à plusieurs centaines d'années, l'art dans sa forme moderne naît en 1945. La Corée recouvre tout juste sa liberté après 30 ans d'occupation japonaise lorsque Hwang Kee fonde son école Moo Duk Kwan à Séoul, d'où est issu le Soo Bahk Do.


La pratique du Soo Bahk Do repose sur les principes de respect du vivant ("hwal" en coréen) et d'harmonie nécessaire entre l'humain et la nature. Sont également considérées comme fondamentales la cohésion du groupe et la solidarité. Enfin, comme le veut l'empreinte confucéenne, la relation entre l'enseignant et l'élève étudiant est considérée comme étant de la plus haute valeur. On trouvera aussi toutes sortes de textes, réflexions, digressions comme autant de petites sentiers cheminant dans l'art martial et au-delà.

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22 mars 2007 4 22 /03 /mars /2007 22:43
- What do I wear?

- No Idea! Whatever you want…

- Dressed up or casual?


- Both. Slightly dressed up but still casual. You know: Sinch’uk Tension/ Relaxation. You should know, it’s in the 8 concepts! Remind me, what’s your grade? 2nd Dan…I do wish excitement wouldn’t make you forget the essential!


- I’m not excited, what are you talking about?! It’s the 8th time that I’m going to the Euro Soo Bahk Do, it’s become a habit!


- Yes, you are, like at how agitated you are! You’re going round in circles, you can’t find your stuff, you can’t make your bag, and you’re asking me questions to which you alone have the answers!


- No, I’m not excited, but I have nothing to wear. I’ve spent all my savings on course, trips, and imaginary do-boks…I’m not going to wear the same black trousers with the same white shirt for the 8th time in a row? Moreover, their style is out-dated.


- I’ll say again, think of the ess-en-tial!


- But what is it?


- The essential? To do what one knows what to do, to recognize what one doesn’t (Socrates and Confucius agree on that point!), to great unexpected experiences, to justly appreciate one’s friendships, to build events from them. Now that’s for the “international and national relations”.


Especially, never to think one is the best-it’s never true. Not to take protocol as a substantial difference between people, it avoids all kind of complex of inferiority with the youths, and all kind of spite from the elders. It’s primordial for people to talk to each other and for it to produce something interesting beyond our belittled individual capacities and the small things we think we own.


And concerning martial matters, it’s strictly the same: there is no difference between inside the do-jang and outside.

- I love it when you talk like that…And if I went there dressed in a tracksuit and trainers?


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